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Tipsy Tamales - our first culinary class in the store!

After numerous requests to host a tamale-making class and we had an opportunity to add an eating area to the store (also, after numerous requests), we finally caved in and started organizing a class. It only took us a year to get our act together so the stars would align! There was so much hype that the first class filled up in one day, as well as having others interested in signing up for the second class. 

Our class took place on January 29th, which was a Monday night. We started off by demonstrating how to arrange tamales in the steamer pot and how they cook. We did this so that by the time the class was over, attendees could see what tamales look like when they are finished, and how to know they are ready.

Next, we guided attendees through the process of making tamales. We set everyone to work while describing the beverage options and offering samples. We offered samples of our tamales when they finished, Mexican beers, Corona NA, Jarritos Guava, a pineapple aloe drink, horchata, and Topo Chico lime/mint sparkling water. Everyone found something new that they loved! 


Finally, we raffled off a steamer pot (called a “vaporera” in Spanish) and Mary was our lucky winner! The steamer pots are sturdy and versatile, so we know that she will have many years of culinary adventures in the future. All attendees will now be ready for the tradition in many parts of Latin-America to eat tamales on Christmas Eve. Our next class will take place on February 13th, and it will be Valentine’s Day themed. We can’t wait since we had such a blast during this class.

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